Tax Impact

  • If voters approve the referendum, the estimated tax impact on the average homeowner ($220,000 value home) would be less than $10 per month in year one. That impact would increase by less than $3 per month in year two, increase by less than $3 per month in year three and then stay at that level for the next seven years.

  • 2020

    $9.76 per month = $117 per year


    $2.86 per month = $34 per year

  • 2022

    $2.86 per month = $34 per year


    No increase

  • *Tax impacts are based on the average home value of $220,000.
    Tax impacts after 2020 are based on property tax base and student enrollment remaining constant.


    To view a sample of property values and estimated tax impacts for the next three years, click here.

    To calculate the first year tax impact on your property, use our online tax calcuator. Note that the calculator can only estimate the first year's tax impact. Smaller increases would occur in years two and three and then remain at that level.

    *Seasonal/recreational properties are exempt from an operating levy.

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