Weather/Emergency School Closings

  • When emergency situations occur, including weather conditions or school building site limitations (i.e. water, heat, electrical), the decision to close schools, start late, or dismiss early will be made by the Superintendent or his/her designee. The decision will be based on information provided by the transportation director, building and grounds supervisor, emergency service providers, and other area school districts.


    School closings, delayed starts or early dismissals due to severe weather or other emergency reasons will be broadcast on the following stations:

    KIKV FM (100.7 FM)


    Cool 94.3 FM


    KXRA AM (1490 AM)


    KX-92 FM (92.3 FM)


    Z99 FM (99.3 FM)


    Praise FM (KBHL: 103.9 FM)



    Announcements will also be posted on the Home Page of the District web site.  To sign up to receive an E-Alert notification when content to the Home Page is updated, register at the School District 206 website, and subscribe to the Home Page.
    The District will also use the SchoolMessenger Instant Alert System to notify families of school closures.
    Generally, school will be in session if it is felt that the buses can make their routes safely. When weather conditions are questionable, the district’s transportation director will do considerable checking of road conditions. Since the school district is very large, it is impossible to determine the conditions in every sector on any given day. Safety for students and staff is our first priority. Based on the information the superintendent receives from the transportation director, a decision is made to either close the schools or keep them open.



    • Please do not call the schools or broadcast stations. If you don’t hear an announcement, assume school is in session.
    • Even if school is in session, parents are asked to assess their particular situation and determine whether or not it is safe for their child(ren) to attend school on a particular day. Children absent in inclement weather when school is held will be marked absent and treated the same as in any other legitimate absence. The school however, must receive proper parental notice.
    • Please plan with your child what you will do in a school closing emergency.

    If schools are closed…

    The decision on cancellation or postponement of co-curricular practices, events, and/or games will be made by the co-curricular director with the approval of the Superintendent after consultation with the identified resources and the secondary school principal.
    Click here to view the AAHS Activities Weather Related Announcements page of the Alexandria Area High School website.