• Outdoor Gear Library Rental
    Youth Outdoors

    Outdoor Gear Library Rental has:

    • Bird Watching Kit
    • Cross County Ski
    • Ice Fishing Equipment
    • Snow Shoes
    • More gear to come!
  • Open Monday-Friday, 7:30 am-4:30 pm

    1. Call 320-762-3310 Ext 2 to rent your equipment
    2. Provide requested equipment, dates and credit card
    3. Pick up rental at Woodland Elementary complex (Community Education office, second floor), 1410 South McKay Ave, Alexandria

    Rental Agreement

    Covid-19 Precautions
    All equipment will be cleaned/disinfected or set aside in quarantine for the appropriate amount of time.

Rental Packages

  • Bird Watching Kit
    Binoculars, 2 Kaufman field guides, and a Douglas County bird checklist.
    List Price: $1.00 see Kit

    Cross Country Ski 
    Choice of adult/youth cross country skis and adjustable poles
    List Price: $2.00*  see youth pair or adult pair 

    Ice Fishing Package
    Fishing rods, ice shelter, hand ice auger, portable heater (you provide propane cylinder), lantern and lures, etc.
    List Price: $5.00 see ice fishing package

    Choice of adult/youth snowshoes and adjustable poles
    List Price: $2.00*  see adult/youth snowshoe pair 

Rental Equipment/Rates

  • 1 Day (up to 24 hours): List Price (LP)
    Weekend: (F-M, up to 72 hrs) LP x 2
    Extended Weekend:(TH-M) LP x 3
    Week (up to 7 days)=LP x 4
    10 days: LP x 5
    14 days: LP x 6

    APS Staff, Pheasant Forever, Viking Sportsment Members
    (Badge/Member Card Required, 25% Reduction)

  • Outdoor Gear Rental made possible by:

     Viking Sportsmen, Inc.       Alexandria Community Education           Pheasants Forever