2019-20 Boundary Adjustment Process

  • Background Information

    A key priority for the funding provided by the successful November 5 Alexandria Public Schools (APS) referendum was addressing class sizes. Now that the funding has been approved by the community, district leaders are establishing a process to follow through with that commitment - with elementary class sizes being addressed first.

    Data gathered through a 2019 demographic study as well as from city and county experts showed that the Alexandria area is growing, as is school enrollment. To plan for this growth while addressing class sizes, an elementary school boundary review process begin in January with the following goals:

    • balancing and reducing (where able) class sizes across our elementary schools, 
    • balancing services available to students in all APS elementary schools, 
    • minimizing the number of families that may be affected by a potential adjustment to attendance boundaries.

    Boundary Adjustment Committee

    A committee made up of parents, community members, principals and administation studied the issue in January. Click here for background information pertaining to the scope of the study group's work.

    Boundary Adjustment Timeline

    The board took action to approve the recommendations brought forward by the boundary review task force on the January 27, 2020 board meeting. Families affected by changes to elementary attendance boundaries will be contacted individually. Alexandria Public Schools staff are committed to making the transition of children and families to a new school a positive experience. Refer to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) area of our website for additional details.

    Any boundary adjustment changes established through this process will take effect starting in the 2020-21 school year, in alignment with moving the District Office and Community Education offices out of Woodland Elementary School - which would free up those spaces for classrooms. This option would also enable the district to accomodate growth and manage class sizes without adding on to its facilities.

    Approved Elementary Boundary Adjustments

    On February 18, the Alexandria School Board unanimously approved boundary adjustments for the 2020-21 school year, calling for changes in three areas of the school district:

    • An area near Lake Geneva, where students are moving from Voyager Elementary to Woodland Elementary.
    • An area in the center of Alexandria, from 3rd to 10th Avenues and from McKay Avenue to Broadway, affecting students at Woodland, Lincoln and Voyager.
    • An area south of I-94 and west of Highway 29, where students are moving from Lincoln to Woodland.

    School assignment is based on your home address. Enter your address into our online tool to identify your school. Click here to view the new elementary schools boundary map.

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