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Degrees and Certifications:

Principal Troy Wunderlich

Carlos Elementary School is a little school with a lot of heart.  The staff members in this building are committed to providing a quality education for each student.  Teachers know that the four walls surrounding student desks are just one of many areas where instruction occurs.  From the playground to some incredible field trips, students will encounter journeys that will give them memories that will last a lifetime.

Carlos Elementary is able to offer all of the same opportunities that all Alexandria Public Schools offer.  Special area teachers instruct in the areas of physical education, music, art, science and orchestra.  Specialized instruction is offered through Reading Intervention, Reading Corps, Special Education, Title I and High Potential programming.  These specialists along with classroom teachers make sure that every student is provided the opportunity to succeed.

Parents are a critical part of our team.  We count on parents as partners in their child’s education.  We have an active Parent Advisory Council that all parents are part of.  There are many opportunities to volunteer your time, energy and talent to help enhance student learning.

We appreciate your support.