• Alexandria Area Art Department
    The Visual Art Department at Alexandria Area High School offers a variety of courses to help students develop skills for application in many careers. Classes encourage life-long appreciation and understanding of the visual arts. We invite you explore the GALLERY links to the left to see examples of the creative work our students have made in these courses. There are three teachers in our department that teach 9 different electives, both traditional and digital courses. Those teachers, personal web pages, their e-mail addresses, and classes they teach are listed below.
    Nathan Knick - Mr. Knick's Web page - Searchable Email Directory - Mr. Knick teaches the traditional Art classes at AAHS in Room 506. Those classes include Introduction to Art, Drawing & Painting, Pottery & Sculpture, and Photography & Printmaking. Mr. Knick also teaches some junior high classes at Discovery Middle School.
    Bob Hatlestad - Mr. Hatlestad's Web Page - Searchable Email Directory - Mr. Hatlestad teaches the digital Art classes at AAHS. Those classes include Digital Photography, Graphic Design, Motion Graphics, Advanced Motion Graphics, and Advanced Photoshop.
    Art Department Belief Statement
    "We believe art education will enrich the lives of all students by providing them with a lifelong appreciation of diverse cultures. Students will learn to visually communicate ideas and emotions creatively through the use of various mediums"
Last Modified on June 16, 2014