• Overview
    District 206 will open a new elementary school in the fall of 2009. In anticipation of that opening, the Board of Education established an Elementary Attendance Boundary Study Group. The task of this community based group was to develop and bring to the Board of Education recommended elementary attendance boundaries that would balance out student enrollment across elementary attendance areas, create a more efficient and cost effective transportation system, and plan for future growth in our community.
    Since last February, the boundary study group has spent considerable time carefully reviewing the District's current and projected enrollment data and trends, each school's capacity and utilization, and the programming needs at each of our elementary schools. Click here for background information pertaining to the scope of the study group's work. 
    The Study Group completed their work on October 27 with recommendations to adjust school boundaries beginning in 2009-10. Letters to all parents with information on how the proposed new attendance boundaries would affect your elementary child/ren were mailed out on Monday, December 1st. The letter will reflect your child/ren's current school of attendance and their proposed school assignment for the 2009-10 school year.
    The facilitator for the committee is Judy Backhaus, District 206 Human Resource Director. If you have further questions about the boundary study process, please contact Judy at 762-7704 (phone), or by email, jbackhau@alexandria.k12.mn.us.
Last Modified on January 30, 2008