• National Honor Society

    National Honor Society (NHS) is a nationwide organization that recognizes not only top academic students, but also those who have demonstrated a strong leadership role by participating in extracurricular school activities and community service projects.

    In the local chapter, students who have maintained a 3.4 grade point average through the fall semester of their junior and senior year are asked to apply to the National Honor Society (NHS). They then complete an application packet, which consists of a resume of activities and an essay. Students are also screened by administrators and faculty to ensure that they represent National Honor Society standards of service, leadership and character.

    Once inducted into the organization, members can expect to continue to maintain good grades while performing a variety of service-related tasks. Activities such as maintaining a county ditch, serving as hosts at the Holiday Ball and staffing phone banks for Jingle Bells show NHS students visibly involved in the community.

    Scholarship, service, character and honor are all combined in this dynamic group.
    For more information, contact Ms. Dvergsten , Advisor through the Searchable Email Directory.