• Free Open Stadium
    Alexandria Public Schools welcomes the community to use the track and turf for regular exercise and training.
    Monday-Friday, September 5-29th 

    Turf & Track Guidelines/Rules (does not apply to bleacher area)

    To preserve the quality of the turf and provide a clean and healthy environment, the following are not allowed on the

    synthetic turf fields. Please use the protective mats to cross the track and stay off the track with cleats whenever possible.

    Sunflower seeds and chewing gum are prohibited on the track and turf.

    No pets of any kind.

    No food or beverages, including gum, seeds, nuts and sports drinks. Plain water is allowed.

    All food and beverages are to remain in the plaza area only.

    No glass bottles or glass containers of any kind.

    No folding chairs or any other type of outdoor furniture.

    No canopy or tents.

    No staking of any materials.

    No metal spikes or cleats.

    Do not drag coolers across turf or track.

    No blocking sleds are allowed on the turf.

    Any violations of the rules stated above may result in a $500 fine and loss of all rights to use the facility.