Extended Contract/Flex Hours

  • This document explains the hours which may be counted as extended time and flex time. This will make it consistent across the district. Please review the document and then share the document with the people you supervise prior to summer and ensure they understand the expectations. All hours must be pre-approved.
    You will copy this document and submit it to staff who have extended contract time. Once the staff have completed the extended contract time, you will print the document, sign it and return it to the Human Resource office for placement in the staff's file. Just a reminder, staff is already being paid for these hours in their paycheck.
    You will copy this document and submit it to those who have flexible hours. At the end of the summer they will submit it to you for signature and you will give it to Human Resources to put the hours in the absence system (no longer AESOP, new system). When the staff wants to use the hours, they will just put it into the absence system and choose flex and it will deduct from their total hours you have approved and you will approve the absence. If they have hours during the year you have pre-approved you will follow the same process.