Curriculum Advisory Council

  • The Curriculum Advisory Council, also known as CAC, is the formal advisory group for District 206 whose purpose is to advise, direct, and support the district in designing, implementing, and evaluating curricula to meet Minnesota Graduation Standards. The CAC membership includes students, parents, community and business members, teachers, administrators, and school board members to ensure that a wide range of perspectives is represented.
    Members meet on the third Monday of designated months at 5:15 PM at the district office beginning in September and concluding in May. CAC volunteers serve three-year terms. Members are solicited through local media, school district publications and recommendations.  New members are selected between June and September.  The role of CAC is to communicate with parents the activities of the committee, and to solicit comments and feedback on curriculum and assessment issues. 
    The Curriculum Advisory Council serves in partnership with representatives of the instructional staff, the School Board, and administration.
                                                  2023-2024 COUNCIL MEMBERS
    Angela Dotty Business Representative  June 2025
    Megan Burkhammer Business Representative  June 2025
    Jason Lattimer Business Representative  June 2024
    Susan Anderson Community Representative June 2026
    Ruthie Schultz Community Representative June 2026
    Theresa Ziebarth Community Representative June 2025
    Shawn Reilly School Board Member  
    Maureen Eigen School Board Member  
    Stephanie Stueve GMC Parent Representative June 2025
    Kari Van Wakeren Lincoln Parent Representative June 2024
    Amy Heggerty Voyager Parent Representative June 2026
    Robyn Stepaniak Woodland Parent Representative June 2025
    Julie Freier DMS Parent Representative June 2024
    Kaylee Emter AAHS Parent Representative June 2026
    Lydia Oldenkamp AAHS Student Representative June 2025
    Mikayla Eggen AAHS Student Representative June 2024
    Alyssa Farhendorf Primary Instructor June 2025
    Casey Reis Intermediate Instructor June 2025
    Amy Balcome DMS Instructor June 2025
    Becky Schlichting AAHS Instructor June 2025
    Troy Wunderlich Elementary Administrator  
    Heather Timm Secondary Administrator  
    Michelle Bethke-Kaliher Director of Student Support Services  
    Darcy Josephson Assistant Superintendent Teaching & Learning