• Alexandria Public Schools 

    E-Learning Plan 2023-2024 (11/14/23)

    E-learning day means a school day where a school offers full access to online instruction provided by students’ individual teachers due to inclement weather. A school district can have up to five (5) e-learning days in one school year. An e-learning day is counted as a day of instruction and included in the hours of instruction under section 120A.41.

    Alexandria Public Schools builds in three (3) inclement weather days. The first and second inclement weather days will be a non-school day (traditional “snow day”). For the remaining days the superintendent will have the discretion to determine if a day will be an e-learning day with student contact or a “snow day” with no student contact. If it is known there is a possibility of a “snow day” a day in advance, the superintendent may decide to have staff prepare for an e-learning day. Parents and students must be notified at least two hours prior to the normal school start time that students will follow the e-learning plan for the day. In grades 6-12, Schoology will continue to be utilized for instruction and in grades PreK-2 Seesaw will be utilized for instruction and in grades 3-5 Seesaw or Google Classroom will be utilized as a platform for instruction. A parent should notify the teacher or principal if the student has any barriers in participating in an e-learning day. Accessible options will be provided for any students with disabilities.

    Students’ teachers and support staff will be accessible both online and by telephone throughout the normal school hours on an e-learning day. All full-time and part-time staff will work their regular hours. Instruction for the day may be both synchronous and asynchronous. If a teacher has leave on the day of an e-learning day the communication for students/families will be through the principals. Attendance will be taken on e-learning days.