We Act

  • What is We Act?

    We Act is a year-long educational club that empowers young people to discover the causes they care about and take action to make a difference. Through service-based learning and engagement, students develop the skills to succeed academically, in the workforce, and as active citizens.

    The Impact of the We Act program is both immediate and long lasting. From transforming student behavior to building a generation of active citizens, our program:

    • Increases student engagement in the classroom
    • Creates a more caring school culture
    • Deepens connections between students and teachers
    • Develop students' sense of responsibility toward local and global communities
    • Increases lifelong commitment to philanthropy among students

    Key Features of We Act

    A unique local and global focus

    We Act provides opportunities for youth to develop tangible skills to better their local and global communities.


    Our programming encourages young people to take action on whichever cause matters most to them.

    Making it cool to care

    Our celebrity ambassadors help us stay relevant to youth and show them that changing the world is the coolest thing they can do.

    We Act has a holistic and lasting impact, increasing student engagement in their school and community, and building knowledge, self-confidence and life-long leadership skills.

    After participating in We Act:

    • 81% of youth felt more personally responsible for addressing local and global social issues
    • 84% of youth more strongly believe that they could make a meaningful difference in the world
    • 75% of youth feel more confident in their ability to set goals and see them through to completion


    To learn more about We Act contact:
     Youth Service Coordinator, TBD

    Phone: (320) 762-2142 ext. 4672