• Teacher Mentorship Program
    Mission: To improve the quality of instruction and student learning through supportive, mentoring relationships and relevant, meaningful experiences that foster professional and personal growth of teachers.
    Program Goals:
    1. Address perceived needs and concerns of beginning teachers.
    2. Improve classroom teaching skills and performance.
    3. Socialize new teachers to the norms and expectations of the school, district, and the profession.
    4. Promote professional well-being and career development.
    5. Support personal development.
    6. Increase the retention of promising beginning teachers.

    Program Organizational Structure & Management
    • The governing body is the District Staff Development Committee.
    • A Staff Support Advisory Team makes program development recommendations, reviews plans, and assesses year-end program evaluations.
    • The mentor coordinator is in charge of program development and facilitation throughout the year. Mentors and mentees are both encouraged to give input into program development.
    • Building administrators have active roles in the selection of mentoring partnerships at the building level.