When to Stay Home from School

  • Send Home Policy
    If a student has a temperature of 100 degrees or higher, or is determined to be too ill to be in school for the day (diarrhea, vomiting, suspicious rash, chronic coughing, etc.) the parent/guardian will be called to pick up their child.

    Alexandria Area High School and Discovery Middle School

    Students need to report to the Health Services Office to be released from school. The parents must give a verbal permission to send the student home or to a physician. The school does not transport students.

    Is My Child Too Sick for School?
    Guidelines for Returning to School 

    It is sometimes difficult to know when to send your child to school.  The main reasons for keeping your child at home are if they are too sick to be comfortable in school and/or to prevent the spread of illness to others. 

    Fever:  Temperature of 100 degrees or higher.  Student should not return to school until fever free (without use of medication) for 24 hours 

    Vomiting and Diarrhea: Students should be symptom free for 24 hours before returning to school 

    Rash:  If child has a rash that may be related to a disease or had an unknown cause, they should be checked by Healthcare Provider BEFORE they are sent to school. 

    Pink-Eye:  May return to school 24 hours after the medication has started or if cleared by Healthcare Provider 

    Strep Throat:  May return to school 24 hours after starting medication and fever free. 

    Influenza:  Stay at home until fever is gone and child well enough to participate in normal activities 

    Chicken Pox:  Exclude from school until all the sores have dried into scabs 

    Impetigo:  Remain home until after 24 hours of beginning medicine 

    Scabies:  May return to school 24 hours after treatment started 

    Fifth’s Disease:  No exclusion 

    Hand, Foot & Mouth Disease:  Exclude until fever is gone and child is well enough to participate in normal activities (sores or rash may still be present) 

    Meningococcal Disease:  Can return to school after 24 hours on antibiotic medication 

    Ringworm:  Exclude from school until 24 hours after treatment has started or if the lesion can be covered.

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