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Welcome to the Health Services Web Page

  • Alexandria Public Schools employs one Licensed School Nurse (LSN) district wide. A Health Assistant or the building secretary will be responsible for your child's health needs when the nurse is not available. 
    Our goal in Health Services is to keep your child safe and healthy.  Healthy children are better learners. 
    This page is designed to provide school-related health information and forms for students and their families to include:
    • Immunization Requirements
    • Medication Administration at School
    • When to Stay Home From School
    • Screenings Performed at School
    • Physical Exam Recommendations & Requirements
    • Emergency Care

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Health Services Staff

  • Jenny Floding, LPN
    Certified Health Assistant, AAHS

    Mary Krohnfeldt, LPN
    Certified Health Assistant, DMS
    320-762-7900 ext. 4300

    Sarah Kallevig, RN
    Certified Health Assistant, LES
    320-762-3320 ext. 4804

    Sue Santelman
    Health Assistant, VES
    320-762-3325 ext. 4701

    Crystal Sayre, LPN
    Certified Health Assistant, WES
    320-762-3300 ext. 4124

    Veronica Radil
    Health Assistant, CES
    320-852-7181 ext. 4902

    Rebecca Johnson
    Health Assistant, GES
    320-762-3350 ext. 4952

    Angi Gunderson
    Health Assistant, MES
    877-736-1419 ext. 4928