Family Meal Account Registration & Online Payments

  • To register and/or access your account, go to and follow the instructions. (If this is your first time accessing your family meal account, please call 320-762-3315 to obtain your Family Key number. )Once registered, you will be able to access your account balance, view transactions, make payments, and more.


    If you have any questions, please call 320-762-3315 ext. 4980.

Using Student Meal Accounts

  • Each student will be issued a scan card, to be used at meal times, starting school year 2020-21.  It is the student's responsibility to have their card with them when dining with us.  Cards for Pre-K through 5 will be kept in the class rooms.  Students in grades 6-12 will receive a lanyard to be able to keep their cards with them.  For students with cell phones, the scan cards can be placed between your phone and phone protector in place of a lanyard for easier carrying.   A $5.00 fee will be charged to the lunch account for all lost scan cards.
    Please report all lost scan cards to the Food and Nutrition Services Department.  A new lunch ID and scan card will be issued.

In School Meal Payments

  • Meal payments are accepted at your child's school and should be placed in the Payment Box located at the school site.  Please include your child's full name and student meal ID in the memo section.
    Payments are also accepted at the Food and Nutrition Services office located at 1410 South McKay Ave Suite 201, Alexandria, MN 56308 or remit by mail to PO Box 308. Please make checks payable to ISD 206 Food and Nutrition Services. One check can be written for everyone in the family. Please include either your family number or your child's full name and student meal ID number in the memo section on each check written.

Replacement of Student or Family Meal ID Number

  • We appreciate student and family cooperation in ensuring that students treat their personal meal ID number in a responsible manner.  This system allows us to provide better service for students and their families, as well as account for all meals served at each school site.  Students should not share their personal meal ID number with others.
    If any customer launches a complaint that their personal meal ID number may have been compromised, Alexandria Food & Nutrition Services will reassign a different personal meal ID number to the customer.