5th Grade Science


Classroom of the Future

Earth Floor - select links to the following subjects: Geologic Time, Biomes, Spheres, Plate Tectonics, Adaptation (physical, environment, and environments change), and Diversity.

Funschool Arcade

Science games include Protect Our Environment, Five Senses, and Animal Homes.


Links to many computer movies on various science topics, including flight.

Enchanted Learning

Links to science topics, including Space, Animals, Oceans, and Plants.

Sea and Sky

Go under the oceans or past the sky with games, photo galleries, and more.

Simple Machines

Simple Machines Learning Site

Basic introduction and a quiz.

Spotlight on Simple Machines

Check out the LEGO simple machines by selecting "extra information" on most machines.

Project Smart 96

Work is Simple with Simple Machines.

Weather and Natural Disasters

The Weather Channel

Put in your zip code for your local weather.

Meteorology Online Guides

Includes links to weather forecasting, hurricans, and the hydrologic cycle.

Hawaiian Interactive Adventure and Pele's Path

Information and games on volcanoes, earthquakes, hurricanes, and how the islands were formed.

The Animal Kingdom

The Adventures of Herman

Learn about animals and their family trees.

KidPort 6th Grade Science

Includes links to The Animal Kingdom, Vertebrates, and Invertebrates.

PBS - The Body Changers

Search for animals undergoing remarkable transformations.

The Plant Kingdom

Trees: Dragonfly Tree Pages, Trees of the Pacific Northwest, and Forests are for Kids

Learn about trees and their products; identify trees through a dichotomous key; and learn what really "bugs" trees.

The Great Plant Escape

Learn about and discover the mystery of plants.

The Last Straw

Experiment with how plants deal with water stress caused by drought, or low water.


Flight Virtual Field Trip

Select "Start Field Trip" to begin.

Project Learn

Cycles of the earth and atmosphere.

USA Today Weather

Understanding air density and its effects.


Search for flight information, including keyword searches of "Fly Girls", "Vanished", and "Wayback Flight".

Aviation Through the Ages

A history of flight.

National Air & Space Museum

Various exhibits include Exploring the Planets and The Apollo Program.

NASA Wallops Flight Facility

One of the oldest flight facilities in the country - provides information on projects in progerss.

Oceans and Ocean Animals

Florida Smart

Sea life and ocean studies.

PBS - Sea Dwellers

Secrets of the ocean realm.

SeaWorld/Busch Gardens

Animal information database.

NWOCA Ocean Animals

Ocean animals from Anemone to Whales.

Wheelock College WhaleNet

An excellent site on marine mammals.

Online Marine Picture Book

A guided tour through the rocky intertidal.